What You Get

We’ve applied our industry expertise to deliver the features and functionality we know you need most.


icon-customerrelationshipmanagement Customer Relationship Management
Your one-stop-shop for global access to student information
icon-email-rev3 Email Broadcasts From the team that invented email recruiting
icons-onlinechathosting Online Chat Hosting
Connect online in real time
icons-integratedonlineforms Integrated Online Forms
Online forms that feed right into your CRM – no more manual entry!
icon-mobileaccess Mobile Access
Your data, where you are (and on the device you choose)
icon-dataintegration-rev Pre-Configured Data Imports
Import data easily from SAT, ACT, GRE, Common App, etc.
icon-travelmanagement Travel Management
Track and manage recruitment travel schedules and activities
icon-telemarketing2 Telemarketing
Automatically assign phone calls and store notes in the student record
icons-docgnrtnandrprtng Document Generation and Reporting
Create letters, invitations, postcards, announcements and more
icon-eventmanager-rev Event Management Manage and track invitations, registrations and schedules
icon-SocialMediaTracking Social Media Tracking
Track posts with students’ information from social sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube
icons-realtimereporting Real-time Reporting and Dashboards
DIY records give you the data you need to make informed decisions
icon-integratedonlineapplication Integrated Online Application(optional)
Student application data flows right into your system
icon-trainingandsupport Training and Support
Ongoing support and training opportunities so you can enhance your CRM skill set
icon-Chatter Chatter
Keep your team connected with a built-in internal social network
icon-LiveHelpIntegration Live Help Integration
Students and parents can request a chat with your staff on-demand — right from your website.

Expand the Recruitment CRM.

In addition to TargetX’s custom applications, you’ll also have access to the AppExchange™ — Salesforce’s online marketplace for cloud computing applications and services.

Think of it like an iPhone or Droid “app store” — but one that’s full of pre-integrated solutions that “plug and play” right on the platform.

Recruitment CRM and the AppExchange. There, your life just got easier.

Visit the AppExchange

Looking for more?

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The TargetX CRM on Salesforce gives you plenty of flexibility, but if you’re looking for something more specific — our higher ed experts can help.

We know each institution is different. That’s why we offer a set of services, from data integration to strategic consulting, that you can take advantage of.

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