Admissions & Enrollment Officers

Proven solutions from the Xperts who’ve been there.

Since 1998, TargetX has been a force in higher education, leading admissions and recruitment marketers to enrollment success through the use of effective, of-the-moment technology and consulting services.

We’ve stood out by offering a unique combination of products and services that help you build relationships and create emotional connections with prospects throughout each stage of the process — from emails, inquiry forms and online applications to the all-important campus visit and other in-person experiences.

Over the years our workshops, conference presentations, blog posts, webcasts, videos and other resources have made TargetX “the company to watch” to get a pulse for what’s happening in the industry (and what’s going to happen next).

Most of us began our careers in admissions offices, and we couldn’t be more proud to serve the industry the gave us our start.

Just don’t expect us to accept the status quo.

Because whether you’re way “behind the times” and just want to take a few small steps — or you’re the cool-kid type that needs to be on the “bleeding edge” — our goal is the same:  to help you move forward.

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