Retention Officers

Our assistance. Their persistence.

Student Retention has skyrocketed in importance to college administrators. And it’s easy to understand why.

As schools are faced with increasing pressure to improve graduation rates and decrease loss of net tuition revenue, it makes perfect sense that the focus should shift to stopping — or at the very least minimizing — attrition from students that either drop out or transfer.

There has been tons of research trying to understand the myriad factors that influence a student’s decision to leave their chosen institution. But there hasn’t been much in the way of a solution to help you do something about it (technologically at least).

Till now.

TargetX has expanded its popular CRM functionality to include Student Retention. Now you can use proven tools to track the metrics that are most important to your institution, trigger campaigns and raise flags with the relevant stakeholders on campus.

From a significant change in financial aid packaging to problems registering for courses; from level of involvement on campus to disciplinary issues or family troubles, now you can finally keep track of your most important data points, student by student — and all in one system.

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  • "Student retention and attrition is an enduring topic. Identifying who persists from term to term and who leaves to stopout, or transfer, can help an institution sharpen its recruiting efforts, refine its marketing methods, and identify any needed improvements in services to students in the teaching/learning process."Center for the Study of College Student Retention